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Mature content
Never Again {One Shot}(Bucky x Reader) :iconwanderinpikachu:WanderinPikachu 48 7
No Way ( Avengers x reader ) one shot
“TIME TO GO, (y/n)!” you heard your father yell through the door.
“Ok, ok, I’m coming” you shouted back at him.
You pulled on your sweater and walked into the kitchen, where your parents were standing – waiting for you.
“Good, ok. Let’s go, the team is waiting for us” your mother stated as she turned to head out the door.
By team, she meant ‘The Avengers’. Yep, that’s right; you were a member of the Avengers and your parents; Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff. When your mother was pregnant with you she had an accident. She was trapped in a storm inside a radiation plant and when you were born, you were… different…powerful. You had not yet learned the full extent of your power, but you did not you had some sort of control over the four elements – your strongest being water.
You jumped in the car and Natasha pressed her foot down on the accelerator and took off. You reached Stark Tower
:iconjaymichelle92:jaymichelle92 12 2
We're Friends // Steve x Reader x Bucky
Amazing wasn't a word you usually used to describe things, but now, it seemed needed.
Steve had called you to see if you'd like to watch a movie with him—you'd agreed, obviously ecstatic when you practically screamed "Yes!" over the phone. Then, he'd asked if he could bring a friend along, and you were too happy to even think about his question, so you screamed yes again.
It literally only took you a matter of seconds to get ready. Time flew by and you were sitting on your couch, not nearly as still as you'd hoped to be but every bit of excited as you were the last minute. Dressed in a measly black tank top and cute, breezy gray skirt, with a green jacket on top, you waited. To keep yourself entertained you'd tap on your phone once in a while. But nothing kept your interest for a long time and even now you were a bit bored.
An hour had passed. Still no Steve (or his friend, for that matter.)
30 more minutes. Nothing.
Ringing loudly in your ear, the sound of your doorbell
:iconunderwhorld:underwhorld 181 5
Snow angels (Bucky x Reader)
Snow angels (Bucky x Reader)
Snow was beginning to fall as you watched as some frost feather around the wooden window pane, spinning fractals into intricate patterns. Bucky, on the other hand, was taking a brief break from his book with a sip of warm coffee. You drew your attention back to the former H.Y.D.R.A. agent, observing the puff of steam as he exhaled the excess heat. Suddenly an idea popped in your head.
“Hey, Bucky?”
“Hmm?” He glanced over to you with an eyebrow perked up, wondering what you were up to.
“Do you wanna make snow angels?” You asked, scooting away from the window and towards the assassin. He turned away, focusing back on the book at hand.
“(y/n), it’s too cold.” That was true; heck you could barely keep the house warm but the cold wasn’t gonna stop you from having a little childish fun with the Winter Soldier.
“Please?” You looked at him with those big, old (e/c) eyes, knowing that he
:iconkorealchemist:KOREAlchemist 255 44
Bucky x Reader Dreams or Memories? (7)
Many weeks or even months had passed since your unusual, but somewhat emotional conversation with the winter soldier, whom also was another empty shell of a human obeying commands from your masters, Hydra.
The wooden head split in two as soon as your bullets bounced off the poor splintering material, ricocheting off into different directions, falling to the ground like empty forbidden souls.
Aiming was one of the things Hydra practically forced you to learn, to practice every single day until your aim and shot was flawless.
As the hours of day decided to creep up upon the hours of the silent eerie night, your forced painful training finally paid off, because now, your aim was faultless.
You could practically look in the corner of your (e/c) stern eyes for just a split second of precious time, then shoot, killing or wounding your target flat out instantly.
People would call these peculiar actions, completely a
:iconheichouable:Heichouable 31 12
Sebastian Stan by Cozmiclove Sebastian Stan :iconcozmiclove:Cozmiclove 82 5




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